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Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Report an Illegal Expat to Saudi Authorities and get a reward of SR 50,000

A meeting was held in the southwest region of the Kingdom, Al Baha. The meeting consisted of security authority officials, leaders of tribes, media and education personals. Jamaan Bin Ahmad Al Ghamidi who is the consultant to the public security thereby announced that a reward amounting SR 50,000 would be given to individuals reporting the expats who are violators of residency and labor laws of the Kingdom.  He also briefed that those employers who have employed illegal expats shall face strict punishments. Al Ghamidi said that zero tolerance would be shown towards such employers.

The reason is that the illegal foreigners residing in the Kingdom pose a great threat to security and economy. They are imposing social and health dangers as well. Thereby anyone involved in assisting the illegal expats shall face a penalty. He declared that the campaign in Baha had been successful. According to him, so far 1350 foreigners have been able to regularize their status that too in a short span of time. Al Ghamidi disclosed that under the campaign 30 companies were selected to hire expats through a completely legal process. Also, a careful examination of the different situation was done which helped in hiring expats at a cheaper operational cost. As domestic helpers, farmers, construction workers, and shepherds do not fall in Saudization Program, Visas were issued for such people.

In the meeting, Al Ghamidi requested the foreigners with legal issues to formalize their situation as soon as possible.  Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef has already initiated a campaign known as “Nation Free of Violators”. A three-month long amnesty time has been initiated since 29th March 2017. Under this time, illegal expats have an occasionally opportunity to leave the Kingdom on their own without facing fines and legal measures. According to authorities a fine ranging from 15,000 to 100,000 riyals would be imposed on those who did not leave the Kingdom within the amnesty period.

The undocumented expats have a chance of legalizing their status. The Saudi interior minister, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef, has ordered the agencies to let the foreigners leave the Kingdom on their own without any difficulty till the amnesty period expires.  Mansoor Al-Turki who is the spokesperson for the interior ministry briefed that the illegal expats who have broken work and residency laws shall avail the amnesty time and leaves the Kingdom.

They can return by holding legal status! But after amnesty period expires, they won’t be able to return the Kingdom as their fingerprints would be scanned and saved in for deportee list.  Al-Turki also briefed that The Nation Free of Violators campaign is for those expats who are not equipped with residency and/or work permit and those who entered Saudi Arabia with Haj, Umrah, visit or transit visas and failed to leave before their expiry

Illegal expats had been a prolonged issue of Saudi Arabia. In 2013, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz also initiated a 90-days long grace time to allow those foreigners to leave the Kingdom or legalize their status who have been living illegally in Saudi Arabia.  According to the General Authority for Statistics, out of a population of 32 million in Saudi Arabia, more than 12 million are foreigners. Having foreigners is not an issue for Saudi Arabia, yet the issue is an abundant number of illegal expats!
Source: Gulf News

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Hind Al-Zahid, first Saudi Woman to be appointed as a Head of a Saudi Airport

Wow! What great news it is. When women around the world are showing up the world that they are not inferior, the Saudi women are also keen to do so. Previous few years have been full of stories that depict that the Saudi women are strong and intelligent! And now another proud daughter of the nation has broken up the historical records and set up a milestone!  Hind Al-Zahid has become the first Saudi woman to work as an executive director. She is the very first Saudi woman who has gained the honor of being an executive director. Hind Al Zahid has been hired at the Dammam Airport Company as an Executive Director. She is also a member of Dammam Airports Executive Board that is currently chaired by Abdullah Al-Zamil.

Hind went through a tough time for being selected as an executive director. She has been hired to this post after the consent and approval of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). The GACA approved Hind’s post in a meeting chaired by Minister of Transport and head of GACA Sulaiman Al-Hamdan. The executive board is inclusive of other members. These members are as follows: Mohammad Al-Shitwi, Najeeb Al-Saihati, Muaath Al-Naeem, Hazim Mubarak and Muhammad Bamga. Hind Al-Zahid is very pleased to be trusted by the members and she is very keen to come up to their expectations. She has promised that she would work hard and show the world that the decision of trusting her wasn’t wrong at all!

It is not the very first achievement of Hind Al-Zahid. She was also the executive director of the Women Economic Forum from 2008 to 2016.She has been the heading the Businesswomen Center at the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2009.  And she has effectively undertaken her duties. She has been able to contribute greatly to women empowerment. She has been able to open avenues for the businesswomen in the private and public sectors. She has repeatedly told the nation that women are a great asset and Saudi Arabia needs women entrepreneurs! She has eventually raised awareness about women’s role in entrepreneurship.

She has fought for women in Saudi Arabia and has highlighted the challenges that are being faced by the Saudi women. Our proud daughter of the nation, Hind Al-Zahid was also listed as one of Forbes’ most influential women. Way to go girl! The nation and the world are proud of you! Stay blessed and keep up the hard work!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

WhatsApp will allow users to recall the already delivered message

Have sent a wrong message to someone? Feeling terrible? Wishing there was a rewind button in life? We usually face scenarios where we tend to send a message to a person that was meant for another person! Well, we are humans and we are prone to mistakes. Sometimes we regret texting someone and wish there was a rewind button in life.

But worry not; you can now overcome your regrets and escape awkward situations! There is great news for all the WhatsApp users out there. According to WABetaInfo WhatsApp is coming with this amazing feature where users would be facilitated to recall their sent messages! WABeataInfo is a blog that discloses news about the application. Keep your fingers crossed as update shall strike soon and you will be able to recall the sent messages.

Until then if you simply delete a message from your unread sent messages, they shall be deleted from your device only. However, once the new feature is made available you can retrieve your sent messages. However, there are two important conditions:

  • The messages can be retrieved only within 2 minutes
  • The message(s) can be retrieved only if the receiver has not seen them.

So basically, the message shall be unread so that it can be taken back. Also, you need to be punctual! However, it is the most amazing feature everyone has wished for. However, there is a buzz that the feature shall be first available on the smartphones that are window based. Till then other users have to wait: but the wait will be fruitful! Let’s keep our fingers cross and wait for the new exciting WhatsApp feature!

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Riyadh Metro with 6 lines, which areas would it cover in Riyadh?

The Riyadh metro project is reported to be finished by 2019. It is considered as one of the world’s largest projects as it will incur a cost of 23 billion dollars. The project will be having 6 differently colored lines. The capital of the Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, will be covered through a metro project with 85 stations.  Riyadh, a city with a population of 6 million will now be facilitated with the first ever public transport system. The metro project shall entertain 3 million people as soon as it gets initiated in the year 2019. Here is the detail of 6 colored lines:

Blue line: The blue line runs in the north-south direction. It will run along the Olaya and Batha streets. The blue line Metro would be mostly underground along the Olaya and King Faisal Streets. It will run in an underground tunnel, however, it will rise above the ground along the Batha Street through a high bridge. The 38 km long blue line shall be entertained with 22 stations. It is also inclusive of 4 transfer stations with Lines 2, 3, 5, and 4&6.
Red Line: The second line of the Riyadh Metro is the red line which is 25.3 km long. It starts from the east-west direction along King Abdullah Road, between King Saud University and the eastern sub-center. The red line is built mostly on a raised strip featuring a planned freeway. It runs across13 stations, out of which 3 are the transfer stations with Lines 1, 5 and 6.

Orange Line: The orange line has been laid along Al–Madinah Al Munawwarah and Prince Saad Bin Abdulrahman Al Awal Roads. It basically starts from the west near Jeddah Expressway and ends at the east near the National Guard camp of Khashm El Aan. The metro line shall experience different altitudes: it will be high in the western part of Al–Madinah Al Munawwarah Road. It shall go underground through tunnels at the central section of the line along Prince Saad Ibn Abdulrahman Road. The 3rd line is extended over a length of 40.7 km. It will cross 20 stations, out of which 2 would be transfer stations with Lines 1 and 6.

Yellow Line: The yellow line runs along the King Khalid International Airport and King Abdullah Financial District. It is laid at different altitudes. It is approximately 29.6 km long and exhibits 8 stations. Among these 8 stations, 3 are common to line 6 and one is a transfer station with Lines 1 and 6.

Green Line: This 12.9 km long line runs underground through a tunnel along King Abdulaziz Street, King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre, and the Riyadh Airbase. It exhibits features 10 stations: out of which 2 are the transfer stations with Lines 1 and 2.

Violet Line: It runs along a half-ring which starts from the King Abdullah Financial District and ends at the Prince Saad Ibn Abdulrahman Al Awal Road. It also passed by Imam Mohamed Bin Saud University. The violet line approximately 29.9 km long and exhibits 8 stations. Among these 8 stations 3 are common with Line 4 and 3 are transfer stations with Lines 1, 2 and 3.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Be aware of Fake and Low-Quality Gold being sold in Saudi Arabia – Goldsmith Association

The consumers of Saudi Arabia have been warned by the Gold investors that the gold bought online can be fake or of low quality. The gold that is being sold by unauthorized online stores is reported to have increased in number and has affected the economy. These fraud online gold retailers have caused a dent in the Saudi gold market. The investors also briefed that these online stores and consumers cannot be monitored through an official mechanism. The deputy chief of Goldsmith in Makkah, Abdul Ghani Al- Saiegh said that e-commerce is a modern tool of the trade. It is now being used for the trade of gold and jewels, globally. However, the kingdom is not equipped with the mechanism of proper gold trade via the internet.

Abdul Ghani Al-Saiegh who is also said that there is a need for strict controls and tight supervision to protect the consumers. He said that there are a lot many people who have started the online selling of gold without holding their official permits from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment. The interior ministry has instructed that there shall be supervision of the purity of gold (i.e. the gold measure karat shall be reported properly) and proper control of money transferred. Yet the instructions of Ministry are not fulfilled as neither the gold is being supervised nor the money transfers are being controlled.  The online gold sellers are selling gold by violating the international standard. Saiegh briefed that the gold is traded according to weight and number of karats. Yet the online gold sellers are selling gold on basis of pieces of gold.

Al-Saiegh has thereby urged the ministry to intervene and regulate the sale of gold taking place on the Internet. Saiegh also said that the trading of gold through the Internet does not only put investors and consumers at a loss but also the whole of the economy is suffering from its hazards. The gold sold online can be used for various unethical purposes such as money laundering and illegal profit making.  A huge number of authorized global brands of gold are now selling gold on the Internet. We are indeed in a need to have regulated and controlled online gold trading stores in the kingdom. The Ministry shall take up a step for it.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also in the grips of the improper licensing process: Which has terribly hindered the investors to initiate online stores to sell gold and jewelry. Mohammed Jameel Azouz who is another member of the committee said that several local traders are selling gold online without a license. The gold is also being delivered to the destination by the private cars of gold sellers. It is the most insecure way to transport gold. The basic problem is that the transport companies are reluctant to transport the gold as its security would cost a lot.

Abdul Ghani Al-Mahana who is the chairman of the committee for gold and jewels of the Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry says that unauthorized online gold trade has risen in the kingdom. He warned the consumers to not buy gold online.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Has Dr. Zakir Naik been awarded Saudi Nationality by King Salman?

Dr. Zakir Naik is a familiar name to many. He is an Indian Islamic preacher who has followers all around. He has gained fame and honor because of his lectures. He indeed is a great Islamic scholar. Muslims around the world respect him for he has could tell the world that what Islam is.  It is his teachings, attitude, behavior and aura that he has could deliver 4000 lectures in various countries on great demand. His lectures are available online which are viewed by millions of worldwide viewers. According to reports he currently has 16 million Facebook followers and 150,000 twitter followers! He is an inspiration for youth. He has become an Icon for Muslim youth around the world.

There has been a news going on in various TV Channels as well as social media platforms that Dr. Zakir Naik has been awarded Saudi Nationality by King Salman to provide him protection against Modi (Indian) government. We have decided to clarify our readers about this news. Dr. Zakir himself has reported that the rumor is a false one!  He stated that he does not hold a Saudi citizenship currently, but if there would be Allah’s will, nothing is impossible.  Dr. Zakir is an NRI and has been equipped with a residency permit for living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The fake news of his holding a Saudi citizenship spread like fire in the media. One of the channels reported it and other queued up behind without even inquiring its validity.  However, the news got hype because of a picture of Dr. Zakir Naik and King Salman. Well, guys, the picture was taken when he was being honored for his services towards Islam with a King Faisal International prize.  The rumor spread that King Salman has honored Dr. Zakir with Saudi citizenship.

Famous personalities like Dr. Zakir often become a victim of a false news and rumor. Well, media does that deliberately to increase their rating (what a cheap way it is!). As the media knows that Dr. Zakir Naik has great fan following, such news can catch his followers’ attention and such news can be sold as hot buns!  Well, guys, Dr. Zakir has not been honored with a Saudi citizenship. So, if you read news stating it and there is a picture attached of Dr. Zakir and King Salman, do not believe it. Dr. Zakir only has a residency permit of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. He, however, does hold a Malaysian citizenship.

Well, the real news relating Dr. Zakir Naik is that he is on the wanted list by India. In a terror attack, that took place in Bangladesh’s cafĂ©, Bangladesh held Naik responsible for it. The news was that the gunman who was involved in the attack stated that he was inspired by Naik’s speeches. The attack took lives of 22 people.  However, Naik said that his speeches never evoke anyone to take the life of an innocent. He briefed the media that taking a life is considered as a second major sin in Islam.  India has now requested Interpol to issue a Red Corner Notice against Naik. A Red Corner Notice will allow law enforcing agencies to arrest Naik.

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This is how my 2 Years Old son was killed by Terrorists in front of my eyes

Jawad Al Dagher, a two years old Saudi national was shot dead while he was traveling with his family from Ahsa to Qatif. The years old toddler was murdered by the terrorists in the Saudi Arabia’s eastern province. According to the father, the family was traveling from Ahsa to Qatif when he took a wrong turn and lost his way. They reached a site where Jawad was killed. It was his wrong turn that let him lose his boy forever!   The father, namely Moayyad Al Dagher, reported that he, his wife and their four children left the town of Qadih and lost their way. They reached a dark site when they suddenly heard the exchange of gunshots. The father says they were leaving the area to reach the correct location when they heard gunshots. The fear struck: were the four children on the back seat fine? Did the bullet harm anyone at the back?

The fears of Moayyad Al Dagher were confirmed when he saw that Little Jawad’s head was injured by a bullet! He was bleeding badly: the back seat got covered with his blood! Jawad’s pregnant mother could not withstand the terrible sight and fainted right away. Jawad’s father claimed it as a horrible incident.  He then made attempts to save the precious life, yet all attempts failed. The young soul died in front of them and they were helpless. Jawad’s tragic death left each of the family members in a great trauma.  The news is tragic and family has suffered a great loss. Yet the question is who fired the gunshots and why? According to the police spokesperson, armed attackers were firing gunshots at company workers who were carrying out a development project in Qatif. However, the travelers and bystanders were also targeted.  The attackers also targeted the company’s machines, used explosive objects to hinder development. The development project covered demolishment of houses, construction of a shopping Centre, restaurants, residential towers and a cultural Centre.

 The police spokesperson informed that those abandoned houses were being demolished in Masoura district and the terrorists aimed at disrupting the progress.  These abandoned houses were the secret hideouts of the terrorists. The criminal activities such as murders, kidnappings, armed robbery, and trafficking in drugs, alcohol, and weapons were being carried out through these dens.

When the security was informed about the terrorists’ attack, they reached there. However, these terrorists started an indiscriminate firing. The heavy firing took away lives of a Saudi national Jawad who was only 2 years old and a Pakistani national. The police confirm that a total of ten people have been injured because of gunshots by the terrorist. These 10 people include 6 Saudi nationals, two Pakistanis, 1 Sudanese and one Indian.   Among 6 Saudi nationals, one is a female and two are her children. The Indian victim is reported to be in critical condition. The four security personnel have also been slightly injured.”

The Interior Ministry has briefed that the project would be completed soon and has requested people to stay away from the project’s site as it is unsafe for now! We pray for Jawad’s family and we hope none would go through such a tragedy. Hope that no such incident takes place in the kingdom and the world! Stay safe people!

Source: Gulf News

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sheikh Aaeed entered the Roda Rasool S.A.W, and this is what he saw inside

Everyone has a curiosity to know how the Prophet’s chamber looks from inside. What are the things placed inside it? As a common person is not allowed to have a visit of it, people are curious to know about it. So, brace yourselves as a Saudi man has briefed the public about the details of the inside of the Prophet’s Chamber. The Prophet’s chamber is a sacred chamber located in Madinah, a holy city. The chamber is also known as the Hujra. King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz visited the Prophets chamber and was escorted by Saudi sheikh, Aaeed Ben Omer Al Rouis. King Faisal was a Saudi ruler whose reign dates to 1964 to 1975. Now the Saudi sheikh has briefed the story of his and King Faisal’s visit to the chamber. Recommended: 7 Unknown facts about Rawdah Rasool S.A.W in Masjid al Nabawi

Sheikh Aaeed Ben Omar al Rouis said that when he and King Faisal entered into the chamber they found a lot of amazing things there. He said there were also mysterious boxes made up iron placed there. The boxes were locked and we were simply unaware of what was possessed inside by them. In an interview that has been uploaded to the YouTube, Sheikh Aaeed informed that King Faisal passed an order. He demanded the formulation of a committee that shall be duty bound to count the contents placed inside the chamber. There shall be a complete official record that display what are the belongings of the chamber. Also, a complete survey shall be done of the two iron boxes that were locked: their contents shall be described and enumerated. According to the sheikh, a committee that was formulated comprised of members from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Bureau.

Sheikh Aaeed Ben Omar al Rouis informed that he was the member of the formulated committee and represented it through the ministry of Finance. He told that after the evening prayers were offered, they were ordered to go inside the chamber and accomplish the given task. The contents of the chamber were then registered. A jewelry expert was taken along and historic records were used to identify the objects.

When the two iron boxes were examined. One was equipped with gold and jewelry while the second one possessed chains made up of silver. He also told that some objects were identified to have been belonged to the Prophet (PBUH): there were some private correspondences that have been linked to the Prophet (PBUH). He further told that it took 15 days to accomplish the task endowed onto them by King Faisal. 15 days were required to make a catalog of the things that were inside the chamber.

He briefed that the committee recommended keeping the jewelry in the Madinah Museum so that public could take a view of it. The jewelry shall be kept under the supervision of the ministry of finance. He also disclosed that the personal correspondences were handed down to the Saudi Arabia’s ministry of education.

Source: Al Arabiya

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